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Did you know we also operate in Kenya? IBH-Kenya purchases and executes quality control for the import of roses. We maintain a close relationship with many farms in and around Kenya to provide our clients with the best possible flowers!


Succulents never get out of fashion. They originate from dry desert locations, are extremely easy to care for and you can find them in just about every colour of the rainbow. Did you know that about 60 different plant families contain succulents? Time to get yours!


One of our hand-made bouquets, perfect for your retail supply. Simple but elegant. Contact us for more information.


Plants lined-up and ready for shipment all across the globe.


About IBH-Export

A retailer's best kept secret, trying to expand the traditional flower export within the current transparent market structure by refining control over production processes. IBH-Export is one of the biggest pot plant, cut flower and bouquet exporters from The Netherlands with a turnover of EUR 140+ million. We currently export to over 40 countries all across Europe & the Middle East, and operate in 5 different nations.