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  • IBH Export stands for something: quality in every aspect

    Our core values

    We love plants and flowers – but not empty promises.
    Exporting plants and flowers can be sustainable, economical and fair.

IBH Export: for quality in every aspect

At IBH Export, we love beautiful plants and flowers. We don’t love lip service and empty promises. That is why since day one, we have had 4 core values ​​that are reflected in every aspect of the company.

Those core values ​​symbolize the vision within our company. We don’t have to be the most well-known name or the biggest player. We look further than the lowest price and cheapest way of working. We offer more.

High quality

IBH Export stands for top quality – in everything. Our plants and flowers are healthy and strong and are stored and transported with extreme care. But quality is not just found in the product range we offer: above all, it is in the service and customer-friendliness that we provide. Every customer can count on the personal touch, customisation where necessary and a seller who will really help you.


Conducting business fairly should go without saying – and that’s how it is at IBH Export. Open and clear communication, well-defined arrangements and direct contact in the event of problems. That’s the way it should be, right? And that transparency is also reflected in the way we work: with the Florimark TraceCert certificate, the whole journey and handling of our products are directly transparent.

Competitive prices

We are committed to providing top quality at competitive prices and we achieve that by carrying out a lot of activities in-house. For example, we import our roses directly from the Kenyan growers and we buy a lot of other flowers and plants directly on the auction clock in Aalsmeer. It doesn’t stop there either: we look for new innovations and methods for working smarter and more economically every day. That also keeps the prices low.


Sustainability matters. Because of that, we make conscious choices in our partnerships and are proud of our sustainability certificates and quality marks:

Our Fairtrade plants and flowers are cultivated for a fair price and under good conditions and we can also sell them on under that label if required.

A lot of our growers are Global Gap-certified. This certificate is awarded by the independent organisation MPS-ECAS to agricultural companies that meet strict requirements relating to the environment, working conditions and (occupational) hygiene. IBH Export has obtained the Chain of Custody certificate, which demonstrates that we process Global Gap-certified products correctly.

We also have the Florimark TraceCert certificate which guarantees that the whole purchasing process – from grower to retailer – is carried out in accordance with strict standards and is fully transparent and comprehensible for our customers.

But ultimately, sustainability is not about certificates, it is also about conscious choices, retaining control and interacting with your employees and customers in a sustainable way. And that is what we do, by always focusing on long-term customer relationships and by offering employees good contracts and great work opportunities, for example.

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