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    Choose from our wide range of bouquets, made both automatically and by hand.
    Delivery worldwide within 24-48 hours.

Exclusive and stylish

International export of bouquets

IBH Export en IBH Retail makes and exports high-quality bouquets. We have 8 automated bouquet lines and 2 conveyor belts for hand-made bouquets which can be put together based on your exact requirements. Our own bouquet designs change every week and are always created according to the season and holidays. We can also put together custom bouquets to suit a particular budget, based on a colour scheme or theme or for a special occasion, for example.

Are you looking for an international bouquet exporter who can offer a wide range of options as well as competitive prices? At IBH Export, we always provide the personal touch and customisation is possible for every customer, big or small. Contact us or order your bouquets directly via our webshop.

Quality through experience

Bouquets made with pride

The staff on our bouquet lines are real experts with years of experience who know how to make the most beautiful top-quality bouquets. We buy flowers directly and process them immediately, guaranteeing optimum freshness on delivery and healthy, colourful, long-lasting bouquets every time.

Honest bouquets

Our certifications

We have strict standards when it comes to sustainability, quality and transparency. A lot of the flowers we buy are from growers who are Fairtrade- or Global Cap-certified. We ourselves have Global Cap Chain of Custody and Florimark TraceCert certification which ensures that the whole process – from purchase to distribution – is documented and transparent.

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