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    Cut flowers

    Choose from our wide range of cut flowers, packed wet or dry.
    Delivery worldwide within 8-48 hours.

The most beautiful flowers

Cut flowers for export worldwide

IBH Export has specialised in the international export of cut flowers for more than 25 years. We serve customers all over Europe and Asia and can deliver to almost anywhere in the world within 8-48 hours. Our range consists of dozens of varieties of popular flowers, and we also have special flowers. All cut flowers can be delivered both dry and in water.

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The most beautiful roses

Roses direct from Kenya

We import roses directly from Kenyan rose-growers. From our local branch – IBH Kenya – we monitor cultivation and carry out regular quality checks. We buy directly from the farms, without involving any middlemen, enabling us to retain control over the end product and supply high-quality roses all year round. The short chain also guarantees a competitive purchase price.

Sustainable cut flowers

Our certifications

At IBH Export, we are always looking for ways to become more sustainable. We are Florimark TraceCert-certified which guarantees full transparency when it comes to freshness, storage access control, stock management and distribution. We also buy a lot of flowers from Fairtrade- and Global Cap-certified growers, including the Kenyan rose-growers we work with.

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